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SAVE the Palace of Fine Arts  Preserve and Protect It from Inappropriate Commercial Development into a Hotel or Restaurant Space. 

Thank you to all who helped defeat the inappropriate proposals!  If you would like to help to be proactive about The Palace follow our "People for the Palace of Fine Arts" facebook page and/or join the "Save the Palace" group

Philanthropist in Training : PIT 
CREW KIT : Card Model Craft Project/Toy For Kids of All Ages. Literally, a vehicle for change.

Homestead Beat ( : a community blog set up in the midst of a controversial Safe Routes to School public works project. The blog has recently hit 145,000 160,000  200,000+views ; targeted audience is hyper local in the unincorporated Mill Valley area.

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Facebook page was set up as an automatic twitter feed: 

Short term goals: increased communication and community engagement
Long term goals: restoration of community, sense of place and semi-rural character; environmental and social justice.

Back Seat :

Plant - 2007 - 9 Non-profit concept for the former location of The Plant Studios (and before that, The Record Plant.) Multi Tenant Not for Profit Center.

Multi -tenant project is in the back seat for now.
Building is occupied. Studio business is in transition, now located in Mill Valley as an artist development company.
Plant Studios facebook page was also set up as an automatic twitter feed (infrequent posting.)

Artsboretum  :

Vision : Conscious, collaborative, creative community.
"Cultivate the arts, Plant seeds of Change."

Artsboretum facebook page was set up an an automatic twitter feed : shares information to creative community. We also have a facebook group :