Saturday, November 28, 2015

SPOKEN WORDS : POETRY is a Vehicle for Change : "Stupid Spilled," ACT OUT, Occupy, Haiku "For Evergreen"

I love how this gal uses poetry to express herself.
For some reason, this poem inspired me to pen another haiku.

 "For Evergreen"

"Stupid spilled and then
we sat back and watched until
it slipped on concrete."

----- Mari Tamburo

What makes you angry?
What makes you want to act out?
Seriously - what pisses you off so badly that it not only makes you want to SCREAM - but break things?

How do you express yourself?
Do you engage in endless rants on the internet?
Send nasty emails that just complain and blame?

Or do you seek solutions to challenges?
How do you find a way to channel that anger into some sort of positive action?
Art? Acting?

Think about it. Then ACT. Please.

We don't need another hotel or restaurant in the Marina District - 
and even if we did - The Palace of Fine Arts would be the LAST PLACE to put it...

--- MT

Do not believe the BS rumors that say this is a done deal. We really need to

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