Monday, November 30, 2015

PeopleforthePalace - Preserve and Protect It from Inappropriate Commercial Development


New Project : People for the Palace of Fine Arts. : 

Wheels are in motion to engage in a multi gear effort to ensure this space remains the people's Palace of Fine Arts. I first found out about this a few weeks ago and immediately thought "Are you KIDDING me?" I thought it was a joke.
But then I looked deeper into it, and sure enough, it was not a joke.
So I signed this petition when it was around 7,000 or so., which states :

"The San Francisco Recreation and Parks Commission has currently accepted three development plans for the San Francisco icon the Palace of Fine Arts. Two involve remaking the old Exploratorium site into a luxury hotel with small nods to the arts, and the third involves creating a high end restaurant with "museum". None of those proposals preserve the site as the important cultural/educational center San Franciscans have known it to be, nor do they keep it a community space that is open and available to ALL people. Once again, our officials are preparing to sell out from under us another piece of San Fransisco heritage, a heritage that belongs solely to the citizens of this City and to those who share a love for it . We demand that the Palace of Fine Arts be developed ONLY as a cultural/educational center."

This petition grew to 20,000 by the time the public meeting came around on November 19th.

I attended that overflow public meeting on November 19th, added my two cents to request that the Commission give the fourth proposal the opportunity to raise some funding to show that they had financial viability as a long term tenant.

The proposal that scored fourth of the seven submitted was a Global Arts & Cultures concept, presented by the Palace of Fine Arts Foundation, affiliated with World Arts West - producers of the Ethnic Dance Festival.
Their concept scored very well as appropriate to the space but lowest with regard to financial viability.
Click this link to see the scores of all the proposals submitted:

Click the link to learn some of the backstory and watch more than a dozen concerned citizens speak about this issue : The Palace of Fine Arts is discussed in Items 7 and 8 :

Before and after the meeting, I watched with great interest, the archived presentations for the proposals. It was obvious to me that this space is a treasured asset in our Bay Area community and that the presenters put a lot of careful consideration into their conceptual designs.

That said, the mere idea of this landmark being turned into a hotel or restaurant, no matter how classy and elegant, just feels like the wrong concept for this beloved public arts and educational space. Seriously - it's the "Palace of Fine Arts" - not the "Palace of Fine Dining."

So, based upon feedback from other concerned parties, I decided to start a follow up petition:

Honestly, there are so many things wrong with this process (beginning with the parameters for the RFCP, which requires the potential tenant to bear the cost of upgraded to the tune of $20million + that it just seems ridiculous.
If you would like to join the effort to preserve the Palace of Fine Arts as an Arts/Educational Center, please join our facebook group:

--- MT 

Saturday, November 28, 2015

SPOKEN WORDS : POETRY is a Vehicle for Change : "Stupid Spilled," ACT OUT, Occupy, Haiku "For Evergreen"

I love how this gal uses poetry to express herself.
For some reason, this poem inspired me to pen another haiku.

 "For Evergreen"

"Stupid spilled and then
we sat back and watched until
it slipped on concrete."

----- Mari Tamburo

What makes you angry?
What makes you want to act out?
Seriously - what pisses you off so badly that it not only makes you want to SCREAM - but break things?

How do you express yourself?
Do you engage in endless rants on the internet?
Send nasty emails that just complain and blame?

Or do you seek solutions to challenges?
How do you find a way to channel that anger into some sort of positive action?
Art? Acting?

Think about it. Then ACT. Please.

We don't need another hotel or restaurant in the Marina District - 
and even if we did - The Palace of Fine Arts would be the LAST PLACE to put it...

--- MT

Do not believe the BS rumors that say this is a done deal. We really need to

Sign these petitions :

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Kavita Ramdas : Radical Women, Embracing Tradition

Interesting and relevant, although I started to wander about midway through the talk.
 If you are short on time, watch the last five minutes.

--- MT


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