Friday, August 14, 2015

Skills Based Volunteering On the Rise

Ryan Scott (the social entrepreneur Ryan Scott, not Ryan Scott from the Monophonics...) posted this great article about volunteering on Causecast:

"If a volunteer opportunity makes the volunteer feel good about themselves while making the nonprofit feel like an exhausted babysitter, it’s probably not an ideal use of anyone’s time. Managers of corporate volunteer programs must ask themselves, “Are we getting more out of this than the nonprofit?” If the answer is yes, nonprofits should be charging the corporation for the experience (many do), providing a financial benefit that compensates for the resources it takes to manage the minimal volunteer benefit to the nonprofit.
But isn’t skills-based volunteering different than painting murals (no offense to mural painters)?
There’s no doubt that skills-based volunteering is more valuable to nonprofits, more beneficial to companies that can use these opportunities to stretch their employees’ skills in new ways, and usually more meaningful to the volunteers. A recent LinkedIn survey showed that a whopping 79 percent of members prefer skills-based volunteering to the standard variety.
Indeed, skills-based volunteering is so popular that it’s become the fastest growing trend in corporate employee engagement. According to CECP’s 2014 Giving in Numbers report, the number of businesses that have some kind of pro bono program has increased from 30 percent to just over 50 percent in six years"

--- MMT