Sunday, April 12, 2015

Want to Be a Movie Producer? Story of Stuff Is Making a Movie to Raise Awareness About Banning the Microbead

The Story of Stuff Project needs to raise $10,000 to make a movie that will raise awareness about the growing microbead pollution problem.

What are microbeads, you ask?

They are the tiny bits of plastic that companies are putting in everything from body scrubs to toothpaste.
These plastic beads escape most water treatment systems, and scientists believe the toxins they absorb along the way may be building up in the bodies of fish, marine mammals, and even humans.

Here are a couple of stories about plastic microbeads in toothpaste:

Rated TRUE on Snopes:

So, if you want to help some good change happen, consider donating to help make this Story of Stuff film about microbeads. Any contribution amount brings them closer to being able to give this problem the attention it deserves.

Donate today to make their new movie a reality, so they can make this story - and their campaign - go viral until the mess is cleaned up.

Contributions of $100 or more will be recognized with a producer credit on their website.

Never heard of the "Story of Stuff" team? Check this out:

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