Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Innovation: Handcycle Attachment Turns Wheelchair Into a Motorbike

Happened across these two videos and just had to share. I love innovation, especially when it helps people. First thing I noticed in the first video was - NO sidewalk.

Ever since the County forced that sidewalk on our street, I've been observing the changes in how my neighbors navigate the space.

My impression is that due to an engineering error, no topography maps were incorporated into the "post controversy do anything you can to calm down the people down" last minute redesign, which resulted in the sidewalk looking even more out of place than it had to, with really janky curb cuts and many, many tripping hazards.

I have watched one particularly frail wheelchair bound neighbor struggle while trying to navigate the ups and downs of the curb cuts and driveways. On at least one occasion, I found myself wanting to help him, but then stepped back because I didn't want to intrude on his sense of independence.
Enter this awesome invention - and there goes the lame argument that we need a sidewalk on our street to help our wheelchair bound citizens.
Thank you to Rio Mobility for thinking outside the sidewalk.
And to Krafty Kuts for the share. Btw - check out their beats!


(I guess I might be obsessed. It's a matter of principle, and you would be too if you had to look at the million dollar mistake every day. I have a problem with politicians who ignore their constituents, especially when we are pointing out misappropriation of funding. Long story.)

--- MMT