Saturday, March 28, 2015

Newark Steel Factory to Become Indoor Farm

And this isn’t the first time that AeroFarms venture in Newark. Back in 2010, the company worked with local urban farm EcoVeggies to install an aeroponic growing structure at St. Phillips Academy, a charter school that also sports a rooftop veggie garden.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Top Gear Host Canned for Crossing the Line

I hope this is a sign of positive change. I'm pretty sick and tired of seeing rude people earn a bunch of money.

--- MMT

REMINDER : Dogs in Hot Cars - DON'T DO IT

It's been warm in our neck of the woods - here is a reminder -
please don't leave any animals in the car.

Alcoa to Get Retooling Loan for Lightweight Auto Materials

Trans Siberian Road Concept -

Saw this Trans Siberian road proposal -

First thing that came to mind - "Soon Sarah Palin can drive to Russia from her house..."

--- MMT

New Promo Tip for Musicians : Songkick Powers Tour Dates on You Tube Cards and Rdio

Check it out!

Songkick now powers tour dates on YouTube's new 'cards' and Rdio

 -- MMT

p.s. If you are a Bandcamp artist, you can update through your profile.

Mercedes F-15

Occasionally, I get in "vehicle" mode. Literally.

Tiny House Castle

check out the hunky host of the show. ;)

Art Car Map

Please be patient - as the map takes a while to load! If you don't see the mini Google Map in about 9 seconds, try hitting your browser's "refresh" button TWICE, more often than not - it does the trick.
(If at first you don't succeed, try, try again...)
CommunityWalk Map - Art Cars

Saturday, March 21, 2015

James Robertson, Detroit Man Who Walked Miles to Work, Makes Life Changes

A new home. New money. A new car. New friends.
And some old friends who aren't friends anymore.
In the days after his sudden fame, walking man James Robertson moved twice in three weeks so that he could elude those hounding him for money — ultimately filing a personal protection order against his landlady, who was also his ex-girlfriend.
Detroit police helped move Robertson after his two windfalls — the $360,000 in tax-free gifts donated by total strangers on three GoFundMe pages, and a $35,000 metallic-red Taurus given to him by a local auto dealer. Authorities weren't taking any chances after an 86-year-old lottery winner was found dead in a vacant Detroit house last month, six weeks after family members said he'd won a $20,000 prize.
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As Cyndi sang, "Money Changes Everything..."

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