Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ten Tips for Facebook Pages

I'm not saying these are the only ten things you should be doing, but I have noticed these can help increase your visibility, especially since facebook changed their newsfeed algorithm.

1) You need more than "Likes." Be sure your fans are "Following" your page more closely

2) Ask your followers to sign up to "Get Notifications" - this is located just under "Liked"

3) Add your fans to add you to their "Interest Lists" - located just under "Get Notifications"

4) Ask your friends and fans to "like," share and comment on your posts - and be sure to do the same

5) Images are still the most shared, so be sure to share a photos of your band or an online poster of an upcoming event/show

6) Tag band members and event participants in photos

7) Ask your friends / fans to tag themselves

8) Vary your posts throughout the day and use hashtags

9) Some scheduled posts are OK, but real time posting allows for better fan engagement

10) Be yourself and you will attract true kindred spirits and true fans

That's it for now.

- Mari

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