Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Off Page Project Gives Youth a Voice in Civic Engagement

 The Off/Page Project combines the analytical lens of The Center for Investigative Reporting with the groundbreaking storytelling of the literary nonprofit Youth Speaks. Living at the intersection of youth voice and civic engagement, the Off/Page Project provides a multimedia platform for young people to investigate the issues and stories that would otherwise be silenced.

This project looks promising. I still can't figure out how to embed a video from YouTube on the iPad, so please visit their website, scroll down and check out the video.

My personal take : I can relate to these young adults in many ways, because my childhood was spent in a NJ HUD housing project.
Compared to most public housing units, ours were more like garden apartments - and since I was a sixties kid, things were a lot milder back then. Still though, there was a lot of concrete, so we treasured the little patches of grass between the buildings.

I remember my brother as a teenager coming home to look for a bat because he said his friends found a rat and they wanted to get rid of it to protect the little kids in the neighborhood. He described it as really grotesque looking, with pink eyes.
My Uncle Mike was visiting that night. He lived in a more rural area of NJ and he said "Are you sure it's not a possum? They are pretty docile."
They went to check and sure enough, the neighborhood kids, who had very little experience with any wildlife, had beaten the poor possum to death. I will never forget the sad look in my brother's eyes. He was  a very sensitive soul.

-- MMT

Scientists Recycle Old Car Batteries Into Solar Cells

Came across this really interesting article about recycling old car batteries into Solar Cells :