Monday, July 25, 2011

The People's Budget : Worth Another Look

Economic snapshot : The People's Budget    : worth another look?

The "#fuckyouwashington" : Now that I have your attention

Seems to me a whole lot of people are angry at representatives of BOTH Parties Washington and for good reason.
But why get angry and start tweeting swear words that have no chance of trending on twitter?  Now is not the time to sit around with a "wait and see" attitude. 
Speak up, America. Use the technology available to us and let's use it wisely! The "f" word is an attention getter - but so is trending on twitter.
Warning - trying to mentions Justin Bieber doesn't seem to help. I tried it as an experiment.
"please RT- Justin Bieber is rich, and I know he would pay more taxes to Save America "

Anywaay, the point I'm trying to make is - if you have a cell phone, get a twitter account and start tweeting what you really feel.
And though in vino veritas, if you've had too much to drink before you choose to speak up, tag your tweet with #twi (tweeting while intoxicated.)