Saturday, January 15, 2011

Save the Date! February 8! Grammy Nominated Tammi Brown Joins Us "For the Love of Music"

On February 8th - Grammy nominated R&B singer Tammi Brown joins Mari Mack & Livin' Like Kings for another night of great music at the Belrose Theatre to benefit The Plant Studios' Artsboretum project, a non-profit music arts incubator.
Discount Advance tix available to Artsboretum members - Please bring your checkbook to make a donation or be prepared to make pledge for preservation.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Artsboretum Live Music Appreciation Party 1-11-11

Join us on 1-11-11 for another Live Music Appreciation Nite - this time, highlighting the work of the Artsboretum Community!
$5 cover and a one drink minimum. Beverage proceeds support the Belrose Theatre Performing Arts Scholarship Fund.
hosted by Mari Mack & Livin' Like Kings.
We appreciate live music, melody and musicianship!
We appreciate art!
We appreciate people who dance!
We appreciate people who care about other people!
Meet new kindred spirits, listen to music played with heart and soul, and celebrate life.
Bring business cards.
Believe in the power to create a better world, starting in our own backyard.
Here's how it works : 7:30, we open the doors to let in our friends on our rehearsal, then at 8:00, the band plays for two hours (with a break in there somewhere) Sometimes, Arne Frager invites a guest artist or two sit in with the band - (guest appearances are pre-arranged. If you would like to be a guest musician, contact Arne through his website, )
Recent guests : Tammi Brown, Don Bassey, Tomas Dessle, Scott Petersen, Prairie Prince, Lauren and Judge Murphy (Lansdale Station) Given Arne's 20 year history of running The Plant Studios in Sausalito, and his long list of album credits, you never know who will show up!
Friends bring snacks to share and it's a POTLUCK - in a literal and musical sense!
Artsboretum is a non-profit music/arts incubator cultivated by a group of conscious, creative people.
for more information click the link below: